Pre-paid funeral planning

A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to arrange your own funeral wishes today, and pay for them at today’s price. All cost will be fully explained when completing the plan. There are no age restrictions, and no need to provide medical reports. You can decide to pay the plan in a one off payment, or over a period of time.

What are the benefits of funeral planning?

People take out a prepaid funeral plan for a number of reasons listed below are the most common reasons people get their wishes in place.

  • To free the remaining family of any financial burden
  •  To ensure to the funeral contains your own personal wishes
  • Guaranteeing the funeral directors cost at todays prices can make financial sense for the future

We understand that pre-arranging a funeral can be very emotional, and our aim is to make it as comfortable as possibly. Arrangements can be discussed at our office in Acocks Green, or in the comfort of your own home.

To arrange an appointment to discuss funeral plans, or to request an information pack please contact us on 0121 707 1172.  Alternatively just complete the enquiry form below, and we will be in contact shortly.

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