What happens if the death has been reported to a Coroner

In the case of a sudden or explained death, the registration procedure will be different a death would be reported to the coroner in the district where a death has occurred. It is then the coroner’s responsibility to establish a cause of death and issue the relevant certificate.

The coroner and his team of officers will obtain relevant details about the deceased, along with statements from relatives and an identification of deceased. The body will not be touched before arrival at the coroner’s office.

When a death of this nature occurs outside of a hospital, the deceased will be transferred to the coroner’s mortuary.

If the coroner rules that the death is due to natural causes the officer will inform the relatives when they can attend to the registrar’s office to register the death.  

Coroners Decisions

If the coroner confirms that a death has occurred due to natural causes, they will inform the relatives that they may attend the registrar office to register the death. Usually this procedure will take longer than if a GP or hospital doctor are able to issue the medical certificate so may cause a delay in arranging a date for the funeral.

Coroner Inquest

When the coroner decides that an inquest is required, they may issue an interim certificate form which allows for a funeral to be arranged. On this occasion the relatives are required to attend the registrar’s office to register the death only after in the inquest has be completed.